Calling funk by it's real name; fear

So I have been struggling to center myself. I have sooo much going on behind my eyes. But today at long last I’ve been able to fake it out and do a end around… I had been worried about Her.

And what She thought of my puny little self… Now do not mistake my worry for a shortcoming on Her part. It’s just that I know I can do better.


Not that She would demand that of me. She is much too much of a Lady for that. I have worshiped the Goddess for a very long time… I think I always have but that discussion is for a later time. What I’m talking about is the here and now. Would seem to be easy but my head is so full of the day to day. And when the day to day is scary… well there you go.

She is my Mother, She took that role for me when this life gave me no mother. She comforts me when I need it… but she also brags about me to the other Gods. She has my artwork on her wall (where ever that might be) and She always wants me to play the ukulele no matter how bad I am. She loves me. And I know that… that’s the hard part. It’s not a heaven or hell thing when you worship the Goddess, there is always a do-over, but I don’t want to disappoint Her.

A Goddess statue I made.

So here I am worried about my cancer checkup, worried about my country, worried about the future for my grandchildren. When I have a Mother who tells me everything will be as it should be…

Well breathe in and exhale

I can do this… for I’m a child of the Goddess

Here is one for the wall Mom. And could you tell Bacchus I’ll see him in the spring.

Lava Lamp #doodlewashJanuary2020

As a Hippie I spent a lot of time watching a lava lamp and listening to trippy music While in a very altered state… She was there for me.

Life. stop Continues. stop

Del Rey ukulele player and teacher

I found this ukulele tune by just “going down the rabbit hole” and it is a very fun song that I will add to my playlist of songs I’d like to know how to play but most likely won’t.

red barn under a darkening sky

Better. was a little bit “free’er” in my painting. I think the depth of my picture is the best I have ever done. Every piece could have been better but all in all one of my best.

Also I used a bigger sheet of paper could the smaller paper be working against me?

I also did these:

dangles 4 dangling


really nice

peace and love


Daybreak always a Glory

Morning Glory JAM 2018

Yesterday my fourth grade grandson, climbed into my lap and with a very serious tone asked me: “Grandpa is the world going to die? Are going to have to live on Mars?”

What can be your answer when in very real ways She IS dying to humankind. While I believe the Earth to be eternal… I do not believe our relationship to be. And as far as Mars goes, I think our reputation for destroying our world will proceed us into space and Mars will have nothing to do with us.

To those who would use her

without respect or care,

she mutters a warning:


The Earth like the Morning Glory or Datura warns us before we destroy all that we need to live.

My picture is of a morning glory and I really like the colors I achieved and while the perspective is all wrong overall I’m pleased.

peace and love

Art for these times

the challenge: #doodlewashJanuary2020

I’ve decided to use the three primary colors as my inspiration. These three colors like the building blocks of the elements Air-Fire-Water create everything that follows.

Feeling somber I elected to do a grey tonal wash overall. and in the center area but to the left I have place a single hulking factory building in the distance. Or is it an oil tanker? I should know but I don’t.

somber sky

This by far and away my worst effort, I have fallen into my “detail” trap. The factory/ship or is it a factory ship? Has no depth and the 3 smoke stacks are all wrong. What was supposed to be a hopeful picture of color returning to an otherwise grey world… just did not translate to the paper.

What worked is the grey. I made all of the tones with black and water, so I learned a little bit about the effect of water with paint.

I also learned that attention to detail is not my friend when it comes to painting. This picture was not fun for me. But I learned from it… and I will try again tomorrow.

I will never be a great painter but I can be a great me.

Peace and love

Prime time and art

Todays art prompt is crayons. #doodlewashJanuary2020.

It’s hard right now for me to concentrate on anything other than this reckless action taken by such a arrogant group of men; led by a someone who thinks he is starring in a reality show. With no thought of anyone other than himself. I apologize to my one follower Paperkutzs and to anyone else who may have just stopped by expecting to see my feeble attempts at watercolor. I promise to do better it’s just so scary right now and I feel so powerless.

peace lets try peace

Shell game under the sea

My next watercolor prompt is “shells”. And I have chosen to paint a traditional scallop shell, really because the right side brain tells me that it will be easier than the beautiful spirals and curves of other shells.

The Goddess of beauty and love.

Scallop shell: symbol of light; couch of sea deities; the scallop shell is associated with the goddess Venus “born of the sea” as she was carried to shore on a scallop shell; scallop shells are a symbol of the Hindu version of Aphrodite, the goddess Lakshmi “born from the churning of the ocean”, consort of Vishnu and mother Kama, represented beauty and good fortune.

I will sketch the shell with a watercolor pencil first:

Magically speaking, scallop shells are also said to represent travel and movement.

The sea is blue, and Her shell is bright.

sea shell by the sea shore. #doodlewashJanuary2020 

Life interrupted… workers have finished the bathroom shower. And as a citizen of my country I’m so ashamed of its actions. What happened to the checks and balances? sorry so very sorry.

Peace and Love

Watercolor painting

My last post was about finding my art, and I would like to continue on that theme. That is something I’m very driven to do for some reason beyond my knowing.

something in the way watercolor moves… attracts me like no other 🙂

Flowers… I like flowers as much as the next guy, maybe even more. I decided to paint yellow tulips. I really like the old meaning attributed to yellow tulips “hopeless love” much better than merely “cheerful” that is commonly given as the meaning today.

And so here it goes:


I’m not completely happy with this (the leaves in particular are not good) But I am happy with the process and the fact I just went for it!

peace and love


I have spent a very long time searching for my art. Searching for something that I could both enjoy and have some hope of doing reasonably well. I’ve got musical instruments, woodworking tools, looms and watercolor paint sets. Not for the lack of trying!

Somethings I do very well, I’m an above average cook, particularly over an open fire. Sauces I excel at. I enjoy cooking for friends and family.

Speaking is another area I do very well at. I speak at churches fairly regularly and I do not shy away from speaking at political gathers either. I keep getting asked back so I can tell others think I do well. Storytelling for families and children is a great joy.

Each of these afore mentioned is a type of art I know but I’m looking for something more and right now that’s where watercolor comes in. I’ve taken two sets of lessons at my adult education center, my instructor told me not to bother coming back, that I was beyond help. Not a pleasant thing at all to hear! LOL

So now I’m watching YOUTUBE videos, in hopes of actually becoming a bit better. and I saw this.

I think the artist has really done a beautiful job; I really like this look… could I DO THIS?

well I gave it a try… Not anywhere as good as her’s but the best thing I’ve ever done.


I did not have a nice pen like she did so I used a watercolor pencil, black. The gold is a metallic paint marker by Hobby Lobby. The blue and greenish color is some iridescent water color paint I had, I don’t remember the brand , I think Micheals store brand. The wash paint was Caran d Ache.

peace and love

Capitalism is not democracy

While I would have thought that as we enter 2020 this would not need to be said : “Capitalism is not democracy”. But here in my home country the USA it needs to be shouted and under scored seemingly everyday. Capitalism is not democracy!

Capitalism takes the position that “greed is good”.

The reality is much different: the hallmark of capitalism is poverty in the midst of plenty. Capitalist greed brings immense suffering and violence upon the working class, by its ruthless emphasis on profits over people. Pope Francis had this to say about Capitalism: “This system is by now intolerable: farm workers find it intolerable, laborers find it intolerable, communities find it intolerable, peoples find it intolerable. The earth itself – our sister, Mother Earth, as Saint Francis would say – also finds it intolerable.” The Pope is standing on the right side of history on this one; Simply put: Capitalism will be the death of us all. And what we need is a big helping of democracy.

But first we need to educate people

Somewhere along the way we have lost our moral compass and even more damning our common sense. We live in a finite world, Capitalism requires consumption, dog eat dog, last white man standing with all the marbles… Capitalists believe greed is good because greed is the garbage chute where workers and resources are thrown while a increasingly few benefit.

war on the workers
spent to bring capitalism to the world NOT democracy.

where ever this life this go around might find you promote DEMOCRACY not capitalism.

keep fighting

What if?

“It isn’t necessary to imagine the world ending in fire or ice. There are two other possibilities: one is paperwork, and the other is nostalgia.”

~Frank Zappa


Ankole, Ankole won’t you give Frank Zappa a ride? Imagine the song he would have written for you, Ankole friend. Perched atop with strings stretched between your horns, plucking away his ride.